Current Services

Songwriting workshop - $120.00

Collaborative songwriting sessions for all genres to take that little melody you came up with in the shower and help you turn it into a fully structured out song!

Starts with a Zoom session discussing your artistic vision for the song and writing the song's outline. Within the next week or two, you will receive a reference track recorded by me. These sessions are being offered virtually through Zoom.


Mix prep - Starting at $60 per mix

Mix prep is for engineers looking to prevent burnout and finish mixes more efficiently. Since each engineer inherently has their own unique style of prepping for a mix, this service can be personalized to meet the needs of you and your projects. Prices will vary depending on the treatments needed and the size of the project, free one-on-one consultations are available.



- properly renaming files 

- finding tempo/key/time signature 

- setting track levels 

- vocal leveling

- strip silence + clip fades

- breath control


- pitch correction

- timing alignment

- comping

* more offered upon request *

Client Spotlight

Engineering, Songwriting, & Editing Credits


7x Billboard Charting Engineer | Songwriting Coach | Audio Editor | Artist

Growing up with a music-business major, music teacher, multi-instrumentalist, and Gospel singer-songwriter as my mother, my whole life has been deeply rooted in music. My first introduction to creating music was at 4 years old when I learned how to play piano under my mother’s instruction. Taking up after my mother as well, I started writing Gospel music as young as 11 years old. During the 2020 lockdown is when I first had the opportunity to develop my craft thoroughly. By that time, I had drifted from my Gospel roots and became heavily influenced by Rap, Hip-Hop, and Indie music. In addition to further developing my songwriting skills, I became a self-taught producer and mixing engineer by watching YouTube tutorials. After about a year and half of practicing my craft daily, I started searching for internships at music studios in my area. I started interning at Quality Touch Studios in the summer of 2021. I expanded upon my engineering and music business knowledge by apprenticing under venerated engineers such as Malcolm “Slim” Davis and William Bowser. Until October 2023 when I relocated from Maryland, I worked at Quality Touch Studios as a recording engineer, mixing engineer, and audio editor. As of writing this, my most recent achievement is working as assistant mixing engineer and editor on James Worthy (of the famed 90s RnB group 112) and legendary Atlanta rapper, Big Gipp’s, collaborative album, “Gipp and Worthy.” As an artist, my sound has developed into a blend of Indie Rock and Rap/Hip Hop sprinkled with Neo-Soul influences. My songwriting expands across all genres. I’ve assisted artists in writing songs that span all the way from Rap to Punk Rock.